Clay and Kilns, All the Basics for Making Pottery

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For those interested in making their own pottery, having your own kiln is the first step. There are certainly kilns for sale in a variety of places, but it may be helpful to have so basic information about the options you have when making pottery and using pottery equipment.

Pottery is organized into three main categories: stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware. There are several different approaches to shaping your pottery, be it through the use of a potter’s wheel, injection molding, or old fashioned hand shaping. If you decide to go with porcelain, youll need to visit a ceramics supply store.

One of the advantages of using clay, which falls under the earthenware category, is that you can decorate the body of it before you fire it, or you can wait until after firing. in order to fire the clay though, you will definitely need a kiln to put it in. You may find kilns for sale online as well as in specialty stores. When using pottery clay, youll very likely want to use pottery wheels at least part of the time.

There are additional terminology and techniques to be familiar with when working with clay. One technique is called “throwing,” a process in which clay put in the middle of the wheel head, which is turned with foot power, an electric motor that can change speeds, or with a simple stick. The term itself is derived from the Old English word “thrawan,” translating to mean to twist and turn.

In order to add effects to your finished earthenware, you can integrate grog or sand into the clay before you form it. After it is fired, the pottery will have a nice grainy texture for that specific aesthetic you may want. But once again, if you dont yet have a kiln, you wont be able to achieve the desired affect. Checking out kilns for sale might be the best place to start.