Is your Chimney Putting the Lives of your Children in Danger?

Chimney covers

Why should you invest in chimney liners? One word: safety. Safety for your family and your home. Chimney flue liners and chimney caps can be the difference between chimney build up and an open chimney, which can be the difference between fire and peace. Not only is an improperly cleaned chimney a risk for flames, but it is also a source of carbon monoxide.

Along with stainless steel liners, chimney caps are important to fireplace safety and enjoyment. So many objects can fall into your exposed chimney that can be rather dangerous and unpleasant. For example, there is a bird known as the Chimney Swift that likes to nest in chimneys, usually in the Summer, thankfully.

Tell your kids not to worry about your new chimney caps; Santa knows enough to remove the cap on his way down. This notion of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to deliver presents originates back to a poem by Clement Clarke Moore written in 1823. Chimney caps and chimney covers keep everything else out of your chimney, but Santa is just a little too clever for them.

A chimney cover cap, regular sweeping of your chimney and decent chimney liner are all paramount in the responsibility and upkeep of an enjoyable, toasty, safe chimney experience; the way it was meant to be.