GMAT Test Prep Can Keep You Studious and Calm

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GMAT prep software was a huge game changer for my roommate. He got himself into a vicious cycle. He needed to rest, but he just could not because of the anxiety from work. Since he wasn’t getting any rest, he drank more caffeine. The caffeine made him nervous and anxious, which kept him from sleeping. Since he slept less and less, he consumed more caffeine and the cycle just got worse.

I finally just sat him down, and gave him some GMAT prep software. He wanted to take Gmat prep courses, as well as GRE test prep classes, but he simply could not make it work in his schedule. However, having the Gmat prep software made it so he could get the experience and knowledge of the class without having to finagle it into schedule.

The GMAT prep software got him ready for his exam, which he passed with flying colors.

And he was right not only to thank them, but to get stressed out. The GMAT is a big, tough, mean thing. It is a consistent, objective way to evaluate whether potential students are prepared for the rigors of a graduate management program. Perhaps the stress it caused him might have been an indicator, but, honestly, it was more or less just the anxiety that he built up around the thing for himself. Going to see a shrink would have been as helpful calming his nerves, but the GMAT prep software got him studied up, too.

The GMAT exam assesses your verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills. The total time alotted for the exam is three hours and 30 minutes. The test has been popular for more than half a century. In February 1954, its first incarnation was administered to 1,300 students.

Did you also know that citizens of foreign countries made up more than half of the GMATs taken in 2011 were taken? References.