The History of Cable Television and the Internet

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You probably do not give a second thought to how your cable deal and high speed Internet service came to be. Both have unique histories and will make you think twice the next time you turn on your television to watch your favorite sitcom, or open up your laptop to use a social media website.

Interestingly, some European cities used cable for the distribution of radio programming as early as 1924. However, the invention of cable television, or what was originally called Community Antenna Television, is attributed to John Walson and Margaret Walson in 1948. The Walsons formed the Service Electric Company in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, during the 1940s, which sold, installed, and repaired General Electric appliances. The Walsons began selling televisions in 1947, but ran into problems, because residents were unable to connect with local network stations. The Mahanoy City region is surrounded by mountains, which prevented antennas from receiving signals. They did not offer the best cable TV deals.

John Walson came up with the perfect solution, making his services the best cable TV deals. He placed an antenna on top of a utility pole located on a local mountain, which enabled television antennas around town to receive network signals. Watson took his idea one step further by connecting the mountain antennae to antennae he placed on his appliance store. Watson added signal boosters to the cables to help the signals reach their destinations, creating the best cable TV deals around. Then, Watson connected local residents up with the antennae on his store, and is recognized as the founder of cable television, and the best cable TV deals.

Today, the best cable TV deals delivery is the main purpose for, and is generally purchased via a subscription for the best cable TV deals. Moreover, modern cable television allows for more bandwidth compared to early broadcast television, and therefore the best cable TV deals can support 10 to 20 times more channels than broadcast television. The best cable TV deals cater to many different demographics,topics, and interests.

The history of what are now high speed internet services is not as straightforward, and several people are credited with the creation of high speed internet deals in the late 1960s. The Network Working Group held a meeting during 1968, chaired by Elmer Shapiro, and attended by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) members Steve Carr, Steve Crocker, Jeff Rulifson, and Ron Stoughton. The main premise discussed in this historic meeting was how to get multiple hosts to be able to communicate with one another, and how computers could be designed to perform this function.

Soon after this meeting, a report called “A Study of Computer Network Design Parameters” was released by Elmer Shapiro and his SRI colleagues in Decemeber of 1968. Lawrence Roberts and Barry Wessler, with help of major contributions Paul Baran, Thomas Marill and others, developed the final version of the Interface Message Processor (IMP). It was Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. that was granted the rights to produce and create the IMP sub network

Today, the private sector accounts for the large majority of Internet service providers. The Internet is available in many different forms, using an array of various technologies, which therefore fluctuates Internet speeds and costs. Broadband access, literally translated to mean “quicker,” uses various technologies, and is far superior to dial up Internet in terms of efficiency. Now, where to find cheap high speed Internet and best cable TV deals?