Leaded Glasses Protect From Radiation

Pacs monitor

Radiation from X Rays can be harmful to the organs of the body of a person. They are electromagnetic radiation, the letter “X” is used because prior to their discovery in 1895 they were unknown to humankind. Discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, he took the first X Ray picture and it was of the hand of his wife. It revealed her bones and the wedding ring clearly. Currently Pacs monitors are replacing traditional X Ray hard copies because they can be on a PACS computer and are transferred electronically.

X Ray machines and xray accessories should be inspected regularly to track the amount of radiation given off. Leaded glasses are a new way of protecting eyes from the harmful radiation. The leaded glasses are completely transparent and are not harmful. Look into these to see how they can protect an xray technician from the radiation that can be harmful. More on this topic: www.maxant.com