Using a BES Security Policy

Blackberry mobile device management

Did you know that BYOD, or bring your own device, policies allow for less paperwork, better productivity, better accuracy in record keeping, a streamlined workflow, and more? However, about twenty five percent of employers who allow BYOD have no device management system, and this presents a security risk on several levels. The BES security policy is an example of a system that can be employed. The Bes policy, or Blackberry Enterprise Server, creates password protected and information encrypted security systems.

What are the benefits to Blackberry mobile device management? Although Blackberry devices as a whole are noted for providing high level security, they are not infallible. It is difficult for an IT department at a company to install anti virus software on every single phone, especially in companies where there are one hundred employee phones or more. System management software, however, allows multiple phones to receive system updates at the same time.

A Bes security policy can also cover companies in case of loss or theft. If an employee leaves a phone at a restaurant, or the phone is stolen, for example, people will not be able to access sensitive information about either the company or their clients.