Learn how to combat public speaking fears

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They say to combat fears about speaking or appearing in social settings is to picture everyone else naked. And while that is an amusing tactic, it is possibly one of the most impractical solutions to handling glossophobia, or fear of public speaking. Those who live with social anxiety disorder, or SAD, as it is sometimes referred, may require serious public speaking help, especially for those whose livelihoods may depend on it. Those who suffer from public speaking anxiety may worry for days or weeks before a public presentation or speech. Such symptoms may include dry mouth, shaking, blushing, involuntary moving, heart pounding sensations, shortness of breath and more. These sensations send signals to the brain that trigger a fight or flight response; an adrenaline boost that can make you feel like you are totally out of control. But those who suffer from public speaking or SAD can take public speaking courses, which are designed to manage the fears associated with addressing an audience. This form of public speaking help is known as systematic desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy. Public speaking help, provided by a licensed therapist, can lessen the distress of speaking publicly. A therapist trained in offering public speaking help can offer tactics used to treat these fears. These strategies include creating a routine to manage anxiety. This routine, as discussed with the therapist offering public speaking help, may help you get into the proper mindset and give you the ability to stay sharp, focused and confident. Learning ways to address the audience will help put you at ease so that you can be at the top of your game with it’s go time. Other public speaking help includes knowing that you may have to accept some level of anxiety and work through it. People get nervous; that’s a fact of life. But when you can address your audience in a way that shows them you are still confident, everyone can be at ease. Still, other public speaking help advises that you must keep everything in perspective. If you find that you just simply cannot overcome your fears, remember that there is more to life. Public speaking is just one aspect, and you are capable of doing other things well. Set goals to get better, but if you cannot beat the fear, find something you are better at!