Dental Practice Website Design

If you’re looking to launch a dental practice website, there are some businesses that specialize in dental website design. As with any commercial website, dentist websites have certain things that they should highlight and a number of things that they are not allowed to advertise. There are a number of regulations regarding patient privacy that vary across the nation, so it is tricky to post items such as customer reviews. However, using unidentified close ups of “before” and “after” pictures is permissible to show the quality of your practice’s work.

Dental practice websites should, however, have contact information, a listing of the services they offer, and a list of the insurances they accept or prices for services insurance doesn’t cover. Dental websites often have a contact form, by which people can schedule appointments, address concerns, and get in touch with the office. Another way that dental practice websites expedite patient intake and reduce patient wait time is offering certain downloadable forms to be filled out in advance, including insurance forms, family history, and forms with other pertinent information that you may need.

Websites for dentists are often a great way to introduce yourself and your staff to the potential patients. Many dental practice websites maintain a personnel page, where every staff member has a photo and a quick blurb about their education, their career, their position at the office, and their personal life. This can make people feel a little more comfortable with the practice, as it turns it from a faceless entity to a comforting office.

Dental practice websites used to be monopolized by cosmetic dentistry offices, but in this age of burgeoning technology, the corrective and routine procedures that regular dental offices provide sometimes must be advertised as well. For this reason, there are many choices for companies that specialize in dental website design. More on this: