Finding Security Screen Doors

How to build screen door

In order to reap the benefits of fresh air in your home without the added worry of insect infestation or unauthorized human visitors, security screen doors make a sound investment. Screen doors in general have proven to be vital to the health of the US ever since Hannah Harger invented the first such thing in 1887. Indeed, the incidence of parasitic diseases in the US had plummeted by the 1950s as a result of window screens and their protection from the less savory aspects of the outdoors. The old fashioned method of tacking gauze over the windows to keep the bugs out was no longer necessary at that point in time.

For modern customers, our security screen doors can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, you can ask for pull down screen doors that offer horizontal screening instead of the typical vertical model. Aesthetically, custom screen doors can be made to suit a variety of tastes as well, from typical aluminum screen doors to a patio screen door with a bit of pizzazz. Feel free to check out the options available for security screen doors today, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the array of options! More like this blog.