The Simple Guide to Self Storage Pods

Portable self storage

Moving is already a difficult enough process without the added stress of where to store your belongings. On site storage facilities can be expensive, and can cause anxiety about whether your belongings are being properly cared for. Portable self storage can be a great solution to the problem without adding stress to you or your bank account.

So what are self storage pods? “PODS” stands for portable on demand storage, and are self storage facilities where you can pick up, drop off, and transport your belongings basically anywhere you want to take them. Some of the positive advantages of portable self storage is it saves you from having to maneuver a big moving truck or van, and helps you to alleviate some of the leg work by transporting your things from point A to point B.

Self storage facilities also save you from return fees and time constraints. You play a flat rate to rent the facility, so you are not required to have it returned by a certain day or time, making self storage incredibly cost effective.

Self storage pods are also incredibly secure, as you are the only one with a key to the pod. They are at your disposal and access only, which helps with piece of mind in terms of the safety of your belongings.

Renting self storage facilities is incredibly easy. Get a quote by entering your zip code, intended moving dates, and the place you plan to move to. Most self storage companies will provide you with an instant quote, so you can decide if this is an option for you. portable self storage pods can be kept for up to a month without any sort of fees, and range from a couple hundred dollars based on their size.

Overall, self storage pods are a great solution for short term storage, whether you’re moving, or just need some storage space. They are cost effective, safe, and incredibly easy to rent and use, making them a great alternative to moving vans.