BYOD and Iphone Management Concerns

Patch management software

There is a an estimated 1 billion smart phones set to enter the market over the next 5 years. That is what a research company by the name of ABI Research predicts. Aside from smart phones, consumers have purchased media tablets to the tune of 19.5 million units in 2010. Businesses are getting in on the technology rage too. In fact, the United States has about 30 percent of its mobile service subscribers listed as business mobile users.

Businesses that allow employees to use their own BYOD model find iphone management to be a huge challenge. For those who are not familiar the the acronym “BYOD”, it means “Bring Your Own Device.” In other words, BYOD means the company you work for allows you to use your own iphone, smart phone or mobile media device, which creates a huge concern for iphone management. Iphone security, iphone management, mobile device management, patch management,etc. are all areas that can benefit from the use of patch management software.

Iphone management is going to continue to be a matter of concern. According to, mobile apps are going to increase at a ratio of 4 to 1 over the next few years when compared to new PC apps. The main reason is the popularity of smart phone usage. The business world has turned a corner and will never go back to the good old days where iphones and iphone managment was never a concern. The IT department of any business enterprise needs to implement an iphone management strategy. Once and iphone management strategy is designed and implemented it will have to continue to be updated periodically as new strides are made in iphone and mobile device technology.

IT department heads and administrators have their hands full right now. Without the use of iphone management software they would be facing an impossible job. Iphone management software is a requirement to keep up with the security concerns of 100s of users using Byod models as well as company iphones and other smart phones such as the ever popular Blackberry. If you are an IT manager the best place to stay in formed is online. You can keep up with all the latest tools for iphone management by visiting device management software sites and reading regular reviews online. There are also iphone management firms that one can outsource their technology needs to online as well.