Submit Blog Link for Extra Free Traffic

I hate to say it but most people fail with online marketing because they do not do it on a consistent basis and seem to think once it is online traffic will come all at once. That is not how it works. It takes time and patience to make it work like a quote stating that slow and steady wins the race. In order to get free traffic, you must submit blog link. Preferably your own if it is your own blog.

In order to gain more traffic, you must take some effort to submit blog link in almost everywhere such as commenting on other people sites or at a forum that you frequent often. Online marketing is no different than offline or traditional marketing with the exception that it is much cheaper to do online. In some cases, can do it for free with the submit blog link that you provided while some are cheap to advertise yourself.

Besides just taking the time to submit blog link, Google will index your site and with specific keywords will help bring in more free traffic. In most cases, instead of finding you directly at your site, they find you by one of the search engines site such as Google and Yahoo. Both of them are pretty popular especially since they are easy to navigate.

Instead of thinking like most people do, submit blog link on a regular basis. If possible, make up a flier with little rip off inserts for people to snatch which is another way to submit blog link. The papers and ink is not free but you would be surprised to see that not everyone owns a computer and a laptop. Whatever you do such as being on social media sites or even posting an online ad, which is another way to submit blog link for free.

Safelists are another way to submit blog link. The problem with this solution is that you will get bombarded by people who are trying to recruit people into their business which is probably almost always a home based business of it.

Since I had given you some ideas to use at least twice a week or so, if done over time, can help propel you to get free traffic instead of having to pay for it. Although, paying for it can also be profitable, free traffic is the name of the game.